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Drawing up machining cycles 


Drawing up machining cycles is not compulsory in the sequence of PDA steps.

Those who wish to computerize also this phase can use a module called Cycle Manager, where it is possible to customize the cycles and print a worksheet with the corresponding barcodes used in data acquisition.

Those who already use a method to organize machining cycles can customize the Data Acquisition module accordingly.


PDA Cycle Manager 


The product consists in a cycle editor and allows the draft of the desired cycle, by means of a selection from a list. For each operation there may be some sub-operations and for each operation/sub-operation a series of data may be requested. Both the list of operations/sub-operations and the values can be configured by the user according to his needs of business organization. The editor allows the management of real or integer numerical values, strings of data, lists of text  items and images (bmp, digital photos, etc...) explaining the different cycle phases. The cycle editor allows a standardization of cycle draft, a storage and re-use of similar cycles and a print of the worksheet with the barcodes that can be used in manufacturing.