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  • Solutions for design and industrial automation

    CAD/CAM products, CNC program handling, estimates, production data acquisition and management, time calculation and cnc machining simulation, LAN network and security management, CNC connections, study and development of special software also on CNCs, educational solutions.
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Data Acquisition



It is the most important module because it allows to eliminate paper and immediately shows the info about manufacturing progress and the load of human and machine resources. The  module rapidly mechanizes data entry and collection, makes management easier and eliminates time spent for manual data storage and it is integrated into the well-known solution for machine data transmission named MULTICOM. Information is then made available in a standard format and can be used by industrial managing and planning systems already present in the company.


PDA Consolle 


Machining phases with automatic execution time calculation can be opened/closed by means of Windows interface or industrial terminals or even barcode readers. The system allows the management of several activities simultaneously with division of operating time for parallel activities and introduction of the quantities produced, if any. This same window also allows the management of MultiCOM system for machine data transmission.